MG ZS EV Hits 40K Km in 18 Months: Latest Ownership Update


In the latest update on the MG ZS EV, the Lightfury has successfully covered 40,000 km in just under 18 months. The recent 6th service marked the first paid service, demonstrating the durability and satisfaction of ownership.

Long Drives and Range: Lightfury’s odometer hit the 40,000 km mark, maintaining an impressive range of 320-350 km on a single charge. Noteworthy are the solo drives, including a scenic trip to Kohli Hills with 70+ hairpin turns and a remarkable 900 km drive to Udupi, Mysore, and back to Bangalore in a day.

Drive to Kohli Hills: The uphill drive to Kohli Hills proved to be a pleasure, with seamless power availability and minimal range drop. Descending the hills restored the lost range, with a consumption rate of 7.9 KM/KWH, akin to highway drives.

Drive to Udupi: Lightfury accomplished a record-breaking 416 km on a single charge during the drive to Udupi. Charging at Zeon Charger in Udupi and strategically in Mysore enabled an 889 km journey in a single day, showcasing the electric vehicle’s capability.

6th Service Update: The 6th service, the first paid one for the ZS EV, took place at the Electronic City service center. Addressing a minor front suspension issue, the service lasted approximately 7 hours, with a cost breakdown including paid service, WA and WB, AC filter, and coolant replacement for battery and motor thermal management at a cost of 7682/-. While service quality met expectations, cleaning left room for improvement.


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