MG ZS EV: Impressions After a 10 km Drive


I recently visited the MG showroom and had the opportunity to test drive the ZS EV. Previously, I had reservations about MG’s designs, but the ZS EV and Boxy Comet caught my attention. The ZS EV, while not in the league of Ioniq5 and EV6, left a favorable impression.

Driving Experience

The 10 km drive around Electronic City and NICE road revealed competent performance. Despite its quoted 250 nm torque and 180bhp, the acceleration wasn’t exhilarating. Noteworthy, the Eco mode functioned smoothly, with Normal and Sports modes closely matched. The immediate slowdown upon releasing the accelerator, coupled with responsive brakes, added practicality, especially in traffic.

Suspension and Handling

The ZS EV’s suspension, geared for comfort, lacked the tautness of Ioniq5 or EV6. While absorbing bumps well, its wallowy suspension could affect performance. Notably, the front-wheel drive showcased misalignment, potentially requiring frequent adjustments considering Bangalore’s road conditions.

Interior Features

Well-engineered and comfortable, the ZS EV surprised with its fit and finish. Priced at Rs 27.6 lacs On road, it’s slightly costlier than anticipated, but the spaciousness justifies it. The 320-350 km range may be limiting for longer trips, but the charging options – 52.5 KW in 45 minutes, 7.5 KW in 6 hours, and 3.5 KW in 16 hours – offer flexibility.

Overall Impression

MG, a Chinese brand with British heritage, presents a well-crafted vehicle. Despite the emphasis on True Brit Heritage in their marketing, the Chinese influence has elevated MG. While not personally aligning with my preferences, the ZS EV stands as a comfortable family option for city use and occasional tours.


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