Michelin Achieves 2% Sales Growth on Tire Market Challenges


Challenging Environment, but Growth Prevails Despite facing a challenging business environment marked by factors such as dealer destocking, rising interest rates, and a 3.6% reduction in tire sales volumes, Michelin (EPA:MICP) managed to report a 2% rise in overall group sales for the first nine months of 2023. The company’s revenues reached EUR21.15 billion ($22.57 billion), even after the termination of its Russian operations and adverse macroeconomic conditions.

Currency Effects and Offsetting Gains Currency effects had a negative impact on the company’s revenues, amounting to EUR545 million. However, this impact was offset by significant gains in other areas of the business. Notably, a surge in the tire price-mix contributed to a gain of EUR1.50 billion, marking a 7.2% increase. Additionally, the specialty business segment witnessed a 5.4% increase.

Positive Outlook and Resilient Sectors In light of these results, Michelin reaffirmed its guidance for 2023, attributing the positive performance to its mining, agricultural, and aircraft markets. Despite the challenges faced in the tire market, these sectors have proven resilient and continue to drive growth for the group.

Michelin’s ability to navigate a challenging business landscape and maintain sales growth underscores the strength and adaptability of the company in the face of economic headwinds.


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