Mogu’s WeShop AI Simplifies E-commerce Photography Using Generative AI


Mogu’s WeShop AI is an innovative e-commerce photography tool developed by the Chinese fashion e-commerce platform Mogu. Launched in April, WeShop AI leverages generative AI to simplify the process of creating high-quality product images for e-commerce. This tool allows users to upload images of clothing and effortlessly generate images featuring human-like models in various styles and settings. The best part? It eliminates the need for real-life models, extensive post-production work, or costly location rentals.

WeShop AI offers the flexibility to produce six common types of e-commerce images, including mannequin images, human model images, product images, toy images, accessory images, and children’s clothing images. Notably, it doesn’t require actual models for its operations. Instead, it can work with a mannequin overlaid with apparel, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution.

One of the remarkable features of WeShop AI is its support for image modifications. This means that users can take existing human model photographs, even those with original backgrounds or models, and customize them by changing backgrounds and model types to suit their specific requirements.

For merchants, commercial photography can constitute a significant expense, accounting for about 2% of their gross merchandise value (GMV). WeShop AI addresses this concern by offering an affordable basic package, priced at approximately RMB 298 per month, which allows users to generate around 2,000 images.

Since its launch about four months ago, WeShop AI has gained nearly 10,000 registered users, primarily among cross-border merchants who encounter challenges in finding human models that meet their needs. Mogu’s expertise in the fashion industry and access to extensive product data have been instrumental in the rapid development and success of WeShop AI.

Notably, WeShop AI has expanded its reach by launching an international version targeting global e-commerce merchants. This version integrates with ChatGPT and operates in English, providing merchants with a more accurate means of expressing their requirements and achieving precise results. However, it’s worth noting that the international version comes at a relatively higher cost, around USD 9.99 per month, and provides approximately 300 image processing credits due to variations in pricing between domestic and international markets.


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