New Homegrown Electric Vehicle (EV) Mass Production Set for 2025


Tech company Evry, born out of Yıldız Technical University Yıldız Techno Park, has unveiled plans to initiate mass production of a groundbreaking four-seater electric vehicle (EV) by 2025.

Vehicle Specifications: This lightweight passenger car, tipping the scales at 400 kilograms, boasts an impressive range of 300 to 350 kilometers when fully charged. Designed and developed by the Evry team in just 300 days, the EV showcases their commitment to innovation.

Expanding Model Range: Beyond the initial model, Evry envisions the launch of three additional variants, including a pickup and a convertible, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

Pre-Orders and Delivery Goals: Founder Yosun Karasu announced that pre-orders for 150 vehicles have already been secured, with ambitious plans to fulfill deliveries by the year’s end. The company is actively seeking a suitable site for a temporary facility that will kickstart production, anticipating an initial output of 800 vehicles.

Vision for 2025: Looking ahead, Karasu envisions a permanent mass production plant by 2025, with a staggering capacity of 10,000 vehicles. Potential locations include Bursa, Tekirdağ, and Kocaeli.

Regulatory Approvals and Swift Development: Karasu emphasized that regulatory approvals for the EV, named “Very,” have been successfully obtained. The Evry team’s remarkable feat of designing and developing the EV within a mere 300 days underscores their commitment to advancing electric mobility.

EV Surge in Türkiye: As Evry gears up for production, the broader EV landscape in Türkiye is witnessing a remarkable surge. With over 60,000 EVs sold in the first 11 months of 2023, there has been an astonishing 867 percent increase from the previous year. EVs now command a 7.1 percent share of total vehicle sales, a substantial jump from the 1.2 percent recorded in January-November 2022. This exponential growth signals a transformative shift toward electric vehicles in Türkiye’s automotive market.


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