Nexon EV Max Owner’s Insight: Embracing Sports Mode and Regen 0


For over a year, driving the Nexon EV Max has transformed the owner’s perspective on utilizing sports mode and regen 0. Despite initial reservations, these settings have become integral to the daily driving routine.

Becoming a Defensive Driver: Transitioning into an enthusiastic driver doesn’t mean abandoning caution. In sports mode and regen 0, defensive driving takes precedence, with increased space between vehicles and heightened awareness of surroundings. The raw power enables strategic maneuvers, especially in challenging situations.

Embracing Efficiency: Contrary to sacrificing efficiency, the owner’s inclination toward sports mode began with improved range observations. Notably, achieving sub-100 Wh/km during a round trip underscores the potential benefits of a well-managed sports mode and regen 0 strategy.

Safety and Comfort as Priorities: Safety and comfort remain paramount. The smoothness introduced by regen 0 contributes significantly to comfort, creating a driving experience unmatched by traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. The emphasis is on regen 0 rather than sports mode for this enhancement.

Cautionary Considerations: While recommending regen 0 in milder gradients, the owner emphasizes the need for prudence, especially in ghat sections where exclusive regen 0 could strain frictional brakes. Sensible driving practices are essential for a seamless transition to these settings.

Getting Acquainted with Scary Settings: The recommendation is to start with city mode and low regen levels before venturing into sports mode and regen 0. Gradual adaptation ensures a confident grasp of the car’s throttle dynamics, making the transition smoother, even in heavy traffic.

Downsides and DTE Predictions: Despite the DTE prediction anomaly in Nexon EV Max after regen 0 sports mode drives, reliance on Wh/km figures for range prediction is advised. The owner sees no substantial downside to this driving style, emphasizing the positive impact on efficiency and smoothness.

Insights on Adjustable Regen: Adjustable regen, often perceived as a gimmick, is hailed by the owner as indispensable. The ability to control regen, especially regen 0, is considered a crucial feature that enhances both efficiency and driving smoothness, challenging any notion of it being merely a novelty in EVs.


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