Northe Teams Up with Brite Payments for Streamlined EV Charging Payments


Northe and Brite Payments Partnership

Northe, a pioneering electric vehicle (EV) charging platform based in Stockholm, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Brite Payments, a leading Swedish FinTech specializing in instant bank payments.

Streamlining EV Charging Payments

Founded in 2020 and recently infused with fresh funding in 2023, Northe acts as a comprehensive hub, connecting users to an extensive network of public, semi-public, and private EV charging stations. The collaboration with Brite Payments aims to enhance the payment process for customers, making it more seamless and efficient.

The Northe Charging App Advantage

Northe’s innovative charging app provides both private and business customers with access to thousands of charging stations. This app serves as a unifying platform, connecting various operators and eliminating complexities in payment and reimbursement procedures.

Brite Payments’ Role in the Collaboration

Brite Payments, known for its prowess in instant account-to-account payments and leveraging Europe’s open banking infrastructure, introduces Brite Instant Payouts in the initial phase of collaboration. This facilitates leasing companies in offering a simplified approach to reimbursing drivers for home EV charging. Additionally, Brite Data Solutions are utilized for account holder verification in the reimbursement process.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Abdulwahid Ahmed, Chief Operations Officer at Northe, emphasizes the collaboration’s mission to address challenges faced by fleet operators and EV customers. The focus is on simplifying reimbursement processes, crucial for customer satisfaction in the rapidly evolving EV industry.

Supporting Northe’s Growth Aspirations

Sebastian Pruszynski, VP of Business Development at Brite Payments, acknowledges Northe’s proactive approach in tackling EV transformation challenges. Brite is committed to supporting Northe’s growth by providing Data and Instant Payouts solutions, ensuring simplicity and intuitiveness in EV charging services.

Future Expansion and Reliability

As the EV sector experiences rapid growth, Northe plans to expand geographically to cater to a broader European market. Brite Payments, with its reliability and scalability, positions itself as a strategic partner, enabling Northe to confidently enter new markets and enhance the capabilities of its all-in-one platform.


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