Nxu Initiates 2023’s End with NxuOne™ EV Charging Production Launch


NxuOne™ Production Kickoff: Nxu Inc., a prominent tech company listed on NASDAQ (NXU), has wrapped up 2023 with a significant milestone – the initiation of NxuOne™ EV 750kW Charging Solutions production. This cutting-edge solution, compatible with CCS and NACS, represents a pivotal move towards supporting our electrified future.

Scalable and Universal Design: The NxuOne™ EV Charging System sets itself apart as the only universal, dual-technology solution available for public charging. With a scalable design capable of handling up to 4.5MW of bi-directional DC power and 50kW of bi-directional AC power, it caters to diverse EV charging needs.

Seamless Cloud Experience: Offering a seamless cloud experience, NxuOne™ ensures charging monitoring and payment solutions on users’ mobile devices. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall charging experience, contributing to the ease and convenience of EV owners.

Business Opportunities and Expansion: Nxu encourages businesses to explore NxuOne™ EV Charging Solutions for powering their EV fleets or contributing to the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure. Interested parties can find more information on charging station sales at Nxu Energy.

Founder’s Vision for 2024: Mark Hanchett, Nxu’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO, expresses enthusiasm about the year ahead, anticipating a busy and exciting 2024. Nxu aims to collaborate with partners and customers to expand its network of chargers, further advancing the electrified future envisioned by the company.

Current and Future Charging Locations: Nxu’s original charging unit is available for public use at its manufacturing facility in Mesa, Ariz., open 24/7. Users can create a Nxu One Charging profile, ensuring a reliable and convenient experience with Nxu’s proprietary charging technology.

Nxu has also announced Quartzsite, Ariz., as its first highway charging location, with plans to break ground in 2024. Additional sites in California, including Tehachapi, North Edwards, and Barstow, align with the critical California NEVI corridor 7.

About Nxu, Inc.: Nxu, Inc. focuses on e-Mobility and energy storage solutions, leveraging its intellectual property to drive the energy future. The company’s ecosystem includes industry-leading grid-level energy storage solutions, charging infrastructure, and over-air cloud management, all under seamless subscription-based models. For more details, visit Nxu Energy.

Forward-Looking Statements: This press release contains forward-looking statements, highlighting Nxu’s focus areas, business expectations, and growth trajectory. Nxu acknowledges potential risks and uncertainties, encouraging stakeholders to refer to SEC filings for a comprehensive understanding. The company remains committed to updating stakeholders with relevant information.


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