Ola Electric Set for Landmark IPO in India’s Pioneering EV Listing


Ola Electric, co-founded by Bhavish Aggarwal, plans a substantial IPO, emphasizing its contribution to India’s emerging EV market.

Market Challenges and Opportunities Aggarwal acknowledges challenges—tepid start-up interest, fierce competition, and reduced government subsidies. The IPO aims to raise Rs55bn for a battery factory, R&D, and debt repayment.

Ola Electric’s Diversification Beyond ride-hailing, Aggarwal’s mobility empire extends to Ola Electric and AI with Krutrim. The IPO signals a pivotal moment for the six-year-old EV company.

Financial Snapshot Ola Electric’s losses widened to Rs14.7bn in 2023, despite a surge in revenue to Rs27.8bn. Aggarwal asserts that the IPO isn’t driven by capital needs, citing a Rs3.2bn funding round in 2022.

The Growing EV Market India’s EV market, dominated by two-wheelers, faces challenges as subsidies wane. Ola Electric, with over 250,000 scooter sales annually, encounters competition from established automakers.

Ola Electric’s Vision Aggarwal envisions expanding into electric cars, though facing setbacks. The company aims for commercial battery production this year, emphasizing resilience amid challenges.

Customer Challenges and Improvements Ola Electric confronts customer complaints and challenges in online sales. Aggarwal addresses issues, emphasizing the company’s rapid service network expansion.

Scrutiny on EV Batteries EV batteries, including Ola’s, face scrutiny after incidents of vehicle fires. Aggarwal defends Ola Electric’s work culture, viewed intensely, and justifies the challenging environment.

Aggarwal’s Leadership Style Aggarwal defends Ola Electric’s work culture, acknowledging higher working hours and a 47% employee attrition rate. Analysts note the tangible success achieved under Aggarwal’s leadership.


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