Polestar Plans Global Workforce Cut of 450 Amid Market Challenges


Electric car manufacturer Polestar Automotive Holding has announced plans to cut approximately 450 jobs globally, equivalent to about 15% of its workforce. The decision comes in response to what the company describes as “challenging market conditions” in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

Market Challenges and Business Adjustments: In light of slow growth in the EV market, Polestar, like many automakers, faces challenges stemming from poor demand, substantial price reductions, decreased subsidies, and supply chain disruptions. To address these difficulties, Polestar unveiled a revised business plan in November, aiming to achieve cash flow break-even by 2025 and reduce reliance on external funding from key stakeholders, Volvo Cars and Geely.

Workforce Reduction as Part of Business Plan: As an integral component of their business plan, Polestar emphasizes the necessity to adapt to market dynamics. This adaptation involves not only curbing external expenditures but also, unfortunately, reducing the number of employees. A Polestar spokesperson remarked on Friday, “This strategic move is essential to align our operations with the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle industry.”

Cost-Cutting Measures and Profitability Challenges: Acknowledging the need for resilience, Polestar declared in November its commitment to intensifying cost-cutting efforts to enhance profit margins. Despite these measures, the company, in January, admitted to missing its revised 2023 delivery targets. Factors such as high inflation, low demand, and a competitive price war, largely instigated by Tesla, have contributed to Polestar’s ongoing profitability challenges.

In summary, Polestar’s strategic adjustments aim to navigate the complexities of the EV market, ensuring sustained growth and financial stability in the face of ongoing challenges.


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