QuantumScape: Is Now the Right Time to Invest?


A retrospective analysis journey of QuantumScape, from the euphoric surge post-IPO to its current 90% drop, revealing the volatile nature of EV-related stocks.

Betting on Solid-State Batteries:

Understanding the core of QuantumScape’s proposition – a solid-state battery technology that replaces graphite with anode-free lithium metal, promising higher energy density and addressing range limitations.

Scientific Challenges and Solutions:

Exploring the hurdles QuantumScape faces in stabilizing lithium metal and its use of a ceramic solid separator, providing a nuanced view of the “solid-state” approach.

Progress Report:

Insights into QuantumScape’s recent advancements, including successful scaling of battery cell layers and prototype shipments to potential EV customers for testing.

Speculative Nature of the Stock:

An in-depth analysis of QuantumScape’s stock, emphasizing its speculative character despite the 90% drop, market valuation, and potential revenue timeline.

Financial Standing:

Highlighting QuantumScape’s financial position, with over $1.1 billion in liquidity and partnerships, especially with Volkswagen Group, a significant investor and collaborator.

Investment Considerations:

Guidance for investors, stressing the need for cautious allocation due to the speculative nature of the stock, potential gains with successful commercialization, and risks if competitors or technological challenges emerge.

This analysis provides a comprehensive overview for potential investors considering QuantumScape, acknowledging both the opportunities and risks associated with this electric vehicle-related stock.


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