Salesforce Hiring, DoorDash Downgrade, TSMC Delays


Salesforce’s Ambitious Hiring Strategy

Salesforce, a major cloud-based software firm, is embarking on an extensive hiring campaign, looking to onboard 3,300 employees across diverse departments. This move signifies a notable shift for the company after a significant 10% reduction in its workforce earlier this year. The hiring spree is strategically aligned with Salesforce’s robust expansion plans, particularly focusing on AI and sales engineering sectors.

DoorDash Faces Analyst Downgrade and Change of Exchange

DoorDash, a prominent player in the food delivery service, witnessed a notable decline of about 2.5% in its stock value following an analyst downgrade from ‘Outperform’ to ‘Market Perform.’ This downgrade is associated with the analysts’ predictions that the return of student loan payments would affect discretionary spending, thus impacting DoorDash’s revenue. Moreover, this event coincides with DoorDash’s strategic decision to transfer its stock listing from the New York Stock Exchange to the NASDAQ on September 27, a move that is closely watched by investors and market enthusiasts.

TSMC Grapples with Sluggish Demand and Delivery Delays

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), recognized as the world’s largest third-party semiconductor manufacturer, observed a 2.4% decline in its stock. This descent was instigated by the company’s instruction to major suppliers to delay deliveries due to the visible slowdown in demand. The decision comes on the heels of a recent 13.5% drop in revenue for August. Despite this setback, Wall Street analysts remain cautiously optimistic, viewing any dip as a potential buying opportunity within the chip equipment subsector.

This comprehensive content delineates the strategic moves and challenges faced by Salesforce, DoorDash, and TSMC in the stock market, offering valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the tech and stock industry.


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