Shanghai Seeks Microsoft’s AI Expertise to Boost Local Businesses


Shanghai Taps Microsoft’s Expertise to Drive AI-powered Growth:

Shanghai officials have expressed their desire to leverage Microsoft’s expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) technology to stimulate business growth in the city. During a meeting with Microsoft President and Vice Chair Brad Smith, Shanghai’s Communist Party Secretary, Chen Jining, emphasized the city’s interest in fostering AI adoption and collaboration on related governance frameworks.

Microsoft’s Potential Role in Shanghai’s AI Development:

The meeting focused on how Microsoft can contribute to the advancement of AI in Shanghai. Specifically, the discussions explored the possibility of Microsoft:

  • Promoting AI adoption: Microsoft’s AI technology and solutions could be made available to businesses in Shanghai, enabling them to improve efficiency, productivity, and innovation.
  • Collaborating on governance frameworks: With its extensive experience in AI development and deployment, Microsoft can work with Shanghai to establish effective governance frameworks that ensure responsible and ethical use of AI technology.
  • Contributing to research and development: Collaboration on research and development initiatives could further advance the state of AI and its application in various sectors within Shanghai.

Shanghai’s Commitment to AI Leadership:

Shanghai’s initiative highlights its commitment to becoming a leading center for AI development and application. This strategic move aligns with China’s broader ambition to establish itself as a global leader in the AI landscape. By attracting and collaborating with technology giants like Microsoft, Shanghai aims to create a thriving AI ecosystem that fosters innovation and drives economic growth.


The meeting between Shanghai officials and Microsoft President Brad Smith signifies a significant step towards integrating AI technology into the fabric of Shanghai’s economy. With Microsoft’s expertise and Shanghai’s commitment to AI development, the city is poised to become a global hub for innovation and growth powered by artificial intelligence.


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