Siemens’ Stock Surges on Exceeding Result Expectations


Siemens concludes its fiscal year on a high note, surpassing expectations with a robust performance in the fourth quarter. The company reports a notable revenue of EUR21.39 billion and orders totaling EUR21.80 billion, both exceeding consensus estimates and reflecting a strong demand for its products and services.

Shares Rally:

Investor confidence soars as Siemens shares experience a remarkable 5.5% surge in response to the stellar Q4 results. The stock is currently trading at EUR146.48, demonstrating a positive market sentiment driven by the company’s impressive financial performance.

Impressive Free Cash Flow:

Siemens demonstrates financial prowess by reporting an impressive free cash flow of EUR4.6 billion in the fourth quarter. This figure surpasses expectations by a substantial 42%, showcasing the company’s operational efficiency and strong financial position.

Analyst Insights:

Industry analysts weigh in on Siemens’ performance, highlighting that the underlying business has outperformed expectations in Q4. Analysts express positivity regarding the positive results in the fourth quarter and note a slight improvement in Siemens’ fiscal year 2024 guidance, indicating a favorable outlook.

Anticipated Revenue Slowdown:

While Siemens celebrates its Q4 success, the company anticipates a slowdown in revenue growth for the upcoming year. This projection is particularly notable in the digital industries division, with Siemens expecting a recovery to commence in the second half of the fiscal year.

Mixed Margin Guidance:

Siemens provides guidance on profit margins, indicating a slightly softer outlook for the digital industries division compared to consensus estimates. However, the overall group earnings guidance surpasses expectations, presenting a balanced perspective on Siemens’ financial outlook, with positive signals for future growth and sustainability.


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