Square Enix Unveils Auction Dates for Symbiogenesis NFTs


Square Enix, the creator of the renowned Final Fantasy game series, has disclosed the auction schedule for its anticipated Symbiogenesis nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The auctions will take place in three phases, starting from November 27 to December 4. Symbiogenesis, the blockchain game in development by Square Enix, introduces Ethereum-based NFTs as a central element.

Auction Phases and Participation Criteria

  1. Phase 1 (Nov. 27–28):
    • Exclusive auction for “stakeholders.”
    • Likely limited to early investors and key contributors.
  2. Phase 2 and 3 (Nov. 30–Dec. 4 and Dec. 2–3):
    • Open to participants through an “allowlist entry campaign.”
    • Broader accessibility for those participating in the campaign.

Key Features of Symbiogenesis NFTs

The initial phase showcases facet and mesh characters, implying unique designs and features. The subsequent phases extend participation to a wider audience, emphasizing an inclusive approach to engage the community.

As Square Enix ventures into the NFT space with Symbiogenesis, the auction events mark a pivotal moment for both the gaming and blockchain communities. The integration of Ethereum-based NFTs in a major gaming franchise amplifies the intersection of traditional gaming and blockchain technology.

The Symbiogenesis NFT auctions are anticipated to draw considerable attention, setting the stage for the convergence of gaming and blockchain enthusiasts seeking unique digital assets within the Square Enix ecosystem.


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