Tata Motors Unwraps Highly-Awaited Punch EV, Navigating the Electric Frontier


Tata Motors has taken a monumental leap with the grand unveiling of the much-anticipated Punch EV, making waves in the dynamic landscape of the Indian electric car market. The electric SUV is now available for booking, requiring an initial payment of ₹21,000, signifying Tata Motors’ commitment to innovation.

Price and Booking: Scheduled to grace the Indian market in mid-February 2024, the Tata Punch EV carries an estimated ex-showroom price bracket of ₹12 lakh to ₹14 lakh. The dual avenues of online and offline bookings, coupled with a reservation fee of ₹21,000, underscore the accessibility of this futuristic vehicle.

Colors and Variants: Adding a personal touch to the driving experience, the Punch EV boasts a palette of four distinct dual-tone exterior colors. With variants like Punch.ev and Punch.ev Long Range, each offering an array of trims, Tata Motors ensures that individual preferences find their perfect match.

Design Distinctions: While sharing design elements with its internal combustion engine-powered sibling, the Punch EV unfolds its electric identity through a closed-off front panel, a sweeping LED light bar, and bespoke headlamp and bumper designs. These distinct features redefine the aesthetic expectations in the electric SUV realm.

Features and Technology: The shroud of secrecy surrounds specific features, but the Punch EV stands tall on the acti.ev architecture, promising an unparalleled digital cockpit experience. Envisioned features include ADAS L2+ capability, 5G connectivity, bi-directional charging, and the revolutionary ability to support over-the-air (OTA) software updates, seamlessly connected through cloud technology.

Powertrain and Range: The Punch EV is unwavering in its commitment to a remarkable 300-kilometer range on a single charge. The 3.3 kW wall box charger ensures efficient charging, while the Long Range variant introduces a 7.2 kW fast home charger for an elevated charging experience. Though the specifics of power, torque, and top speed remain undisclosed, the Punch EV emerges as a beacon of promise in the flourishing electric SUV domain.


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