Tata Punch EV vs Nexon EV – Unraveling Key Feature Contrasts


Tata’s latest Punch EV, built on the cutting-edge acti.ev architecture, reveals subtle but significant design distinctions compared to its larger counterpart, the Nexon EV. While both boast a full-width LED light bar on the front, Punch EV’s unique front-positioned charging flap sets it apart. The vertical slat design and differing silver finish skid plates contribute to their individual aesthetics. Notably, Punch EV introduces the innovative ‘frunk’ absent in the Nexon EV.

Feature Differences: Inside, the Punch EV and Nexon EV share a familiar design, albeit with size variations. The Punch EV, being more compact, offers a 10.25-inch touchscreen compared to Nexon EV’s 12.3-inch display. Punch EV surprises with exclusive features for its size, including the Arcade EV app suite, 360-degree camera, sunroof, and ventilated seats. Both models share a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster, but Punch EV distinguishes itself with a new Tata steering wheel design. While Nexon EV features rear AC vents, their presence in Punch EV remains unconfirmed.

Battery And Range: Noteworthy discrepancies arise in the crucial aspects of battery and range. The Punch EV, positioned as a value-for-money electric vehicle, is projected to achieve a range between 300-400 km. In contrast, the Nexon EV boasts an official range figure of 465 km, positioning it as Tata’s spacious flagship EV. This head-to-head showcases Punch EV’s affordability and feature-packed nature, contrasting with Nexon EV’s larger size and extended range within Tata’s EV lineup.This insightful comparison unveils the dynamic landscape of Tata’s electric vehicle offerings, catering to diverse preferences in the rapidly evolving world of automotive technology.


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