Tata’s Flagship Harrier EV Unveiled at Bharat Mobility Expo


Tata Motors showcased the anticipated Harrier EV in a ‘near-production’ state at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo. This flagship electric vehicle, part of Tata’s expanding EV lineup, offers a glimpse of what’s to come at showroom floors.

Key Features and Styling: The Harrier EV distinguishes itself with unique electric touches, notably the Seaweed green paint, previously seen on the Punch EV. Built on the Acti.EV platform, shared with the Punch EV, it promises enhanced flexibility and a modular design. Stylistically, the Harrier EV exhibits a futuristic aura, featuring a distinctive grille, aero-optimized bumpers, and bold rear styling.

Power and Performance: As a flagship electric vehicle, the Harrier EV is poised to feature a dual-motor all-wheel-drive (AWD) layout, setting it apart in terms of performance. Expectations include the largest battery pack ever seen in a Tata EV, ensuring a range surpassing 500 km per charge. This impressive range positions the Harrier EV at the pinnacle of Tata’s electric vehicle range in India.

Launch and Availability: Scheduled to hit the market this year, preceding the rumored petrol version, the Harrier EV’s production-ready appearance at the expo suggests a launch in the second half of the year. Specifics regarding the battery pack and motor features are eagerly anticipated, adding to the excitement surrounding Tata’s foray into the electric vehicle


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