Tech Stock Frenzy in Hedge Funds Shows Signs of Cooling, Goldman Sachs Notes


Tech Exodus in Hedge Funds: Hedge funds have executed a substantial sell-off of U.S. tech and media stocks in the week ending Nov. 24, marking the largest volume since July, as highlighted in a prime brokerage note by Goldman Sachs. This notable shift indicates a potential fading interest in these stocks.

Crowded Trade Dynamics: The rush into tech stocks, especially the renowned “Magnificent 7” featuring giants like Apple, Amazon, and Nvidia, had reached an unprecedented intensity, described by Goldman Sachs as the most significant in 22 years. However, recent data signals a reversal in this trend.

Net Selling Trends: As the week concluded, information technology and communication companies emerged as the most net sold entities on Goldman’s prime brokerage trading desk, primarily catering to hedge funds. Notably, hedge funds that were previously bullish on these stocks rapidly reduced their positions at the swiftest pace in almost eight months.

Abandoning Both Sides: Traders not only abandoned long positions but also scaled back short bets on software and interactive media firms. Furthermore, they exited long bets on sellers of semiconductor equipment. This comprehensive pullback suggests a notable shift in sentiment toward a wide spectrum of tech-related stocks.

Long Bets Unwinding: The accelerated unwinding of long bets, representing expectations of rising asset prices, underscores the growing caution and potential skepticism among hedge funds regarding the future performance of tech stocks.

Expert Opinions on Tech’s Future: Prominent figures in the financial landscape, including Bill Gross, Mohamed El-Erian, and Ryan Israel, have expressed reservations about the potential recovery of tech stocks. Despite expectations of a pause in U.S. rate hikes and a calmer bond market, experts remain cautious about the immediate resurgence of tech stocks and overall asset prices.

In summary, the recent hedge fund activities in tech stocks portray a significant shift in sentiment, reflecting a potential departure from the once overwhelmingly popular tech-driven investments.


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