Tecumseh Expansion: 4 New Rapid EV Charging Spots


Tecumseh Embraces Green Mobility Future

The Town of Tecumseh is set to revolutionize its electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure by greenlighting the installation of four additional Level 3 charging stations. This decisive move comes as part of the town’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

Faster Charging, Wider Access

Town councillors, in a progressive step on Tuesday night, approved a ten-year agreement with Jule Power. This collaboration aims to introduce Level 3 charging stations at strategic locations, including Tecumseh Town Hall, Tecumseh Legion Hall Branch 261, CADA Library, and the BIA parking lot. These new stations, boasting six times the charging speed of existing Level 2 stations, will significantly enhance accessibility for EV users.

Financial Smart Move

Although the anticipated installation cost at each location stands at $450,000, Tecumseh plans to leverage Ontario’s EV ChargeOn Program. By doing so, the town anticipates rebates covering up to 75% of the expenses, capped at $1 million. This strategic financial approach not only promotes the growth of sustainable infrastructure but also demonstrates a commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Public-Private Collaboration

Jule Power’s involvement extends beyond installations. The company has committed to compensating the town for hosting the charging stations on municipal property, fostering a positive public-private partnership.

Building on Success

Tecumseh’s ambitious move follows the success of existing EV charging stations at eight locations, including Town Hall, Tecumseh Arena, St. Clair Beach Community Centre, and three municipal parks. The addition of Level 3 stations further solidifies Tecumseh’s position as a pioneer in embracing green mobility and underscores its dedication to a sustainable future.


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