Tesla Autopilot Update: Millions of Cars to Get Safety Improvements


Tesla Tackles Autopilot Safety Concerns with Software Update:

Under pressure from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and amid mounting concerns about driver misuse and crash risks, Tesla is rolling out a software update to more than 2 million cars equipped with its Autopilot system. This update aims to address issues that have led to hundreds of crashes, including fatalities, involving Autopilot-engaged Teslas colliding with emergency vehicles.

Key Changes in the Autopilot Update:

  • Enhanced Visual Alerts: The update will make visual warnings and prompts more prominent on the dashboard, reminding drivers to stay attentive and in control of the vehicle while using Autopilot.
  • Improved Autosteer Functionality: Tesla will simplify the process of activating and deactivating the Autosteer function, potentially reducing the risk of accidental engagement.
  • Driver Monitoring Enhancements: The update will implement stricter monitoring measures to detect and address inattentive driving behavior. If the system detects a driver failing to focus on the road, Autopilot functionality may be deactivated.

Addressing Misuse and Overreliance on Autopilot:

The NHTSA investigation highlighted concerns that the current Autopilot system design and warnings may not be sufficient to prevent driver misuse. The agency expressed concern that Tesla’s branding and marketing of Autopilot could encourage drivers to overrely on the technology, leading to dangerous situations.

Tesla’s Response and Ongoing Investigations:

While Tesla disagreed with the NHTSA’s analysis, it agreed to implement the software update as a proactive measure to address safety concerns. The agency will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the update and may pursue further investigations into Autopilot’s performance and potential risks.

Broader Implications for Automated Driving Technology:

This action by the NHTSA serves as a reminder that the development and deployment of automated driving technology must prioritize safety. Tesla’s Autopilot update demonstrates the importance of ongoing assessments and adjustments to ensure that such technologies are used responsibly and minimize risks on the road.


The Tesla Autopilot software update represents a significant step towards addressing safety concerns surrounding the technology. While the long-term effectiveness of the changes remains to be seen, this action underscores the need for continuous vigilance and collaboration between regulators, manufacturers, and drivers to ensure the safe and responsible use of automated driving technology.


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