Tiago EV Owner’s 10-Month Review: 8,000 km Insights


The Tiago EV elevates city driving with its quiet, smooth ride, showcasing excellence in the bustling urban landscape. The “D” mode caters to daily city commutes, while the sporadic switch to Sports mode injects a dose of exhilaration into the driving experience.

Driving Range Dynamics:

Contrary to initial expectations, the Tiago EV’s true prowess shines on open roads at a moderate speed of 40 to 60 km/h, unlocking an optimal range. Overcoming initial range disappointments, the vehicle now confidently covers 160-185 km, a transformation attributed to evolving driving habits, weather nuances, and potential software enhancements.

Economics of Charging:

Navigating Mumbai’s electricity costs of approximately Rs 15 per unit, the Tiago EV operates at an impressive sub-Rs 3 per kilometer for a 150 km range. The reliance on overnight slow charging, coupled with the absence of fast charging, has become the established norm.

ZConnect App Quandaries:

Tata’s ZConnect App, designed to complement the EV experience, falls short with connectivity glitches, sluggish responses, and a user interface in need of refinement. The underutilization of Tata’s technological prowess appears evident in this aspect, leaving room for significant improvement.

Niggles and Road Sounds:

While the overall journey remains mostly seamless, intermittent sounds on uneven or paver-blocked roads persist. Attempts by the service center to rectify these minor disturbances have proven less than satisfactory, potentially stemming from a lack of focused attention.

Service Center Odyssey:

Wasan Motors (Chembur) managed the initial two free services, yet a noticeable knowledge gap among service advisors and technicians pertaining to EV intricacies is evident. Proposing the establishment of dedicated EV service teams could significantly enhance the overall service experience.

Final Verdict:

Despite encountering minor hiccups, the Tiago EV emerges as a top-tier choice for urban driving. Its reliability in daily errands, coupled with an enjoyable driving experience, positions it as a commendable option. However, for extended highway journeys, the allure of traditional ICE vehicles remains, emphasizing the need for flexibility during long-distance travel.


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