Toyota’s Bold EV Move: Scotty Kilmer Hails Manual Transmission Shift


Amidst the fervor of electric vehicles (EVs), Toyota has silently disrupted the scene with a surprising announcement: the reintroduction of manual transmissions in electric cars. In a recent video, automotive expert Scotty Kilmer passionately endorses this unexpected move, emphasizing its potential benefits beyond mere driving pleasure.

The EV Revolution Revisited

Remember the headlines and the EV revolution fervor? Toyota’s recent revelation about manual transmissions in electric cars went largely unnoticed. Kilmer, however, sees it as a game-changer, drawing parallels with the iconic Harley-Davidson’s efficiency-boosting transmissions.

Scotty Kilmer’s Enthusiastic Endorsement

Kilmer, known for his hands-on approach to automotive insights, is ecstatic about Toyota’s decision. He believes that manual transmissions could enhance not only the driving experience but also the efficiency of electric vehicles, especially at higher speeds. Drawing inspiration from Harley-Davidson’s success, Kilmer argues that giving drivers control over the powerband could unlock hidden efficiency gains.

Industry’s Hesitation and Challenges

Despite the potential advantages, other automakers appear hesitant, primarily due to the perceived drawbacks of cost and weight associated with manual transmissions. The industry’s current focus on affordability may be hindering the widespread adoption of this innovative approach.

Debating the Future of EVs

The article invites readers to engage in a lively debate. Can manual transmissions truly enhance EV efficiency, echoing the Harley-Davidson model? Is clever engineering the key to overcoming the challenges of cost and weight? Is the automotive industry too fixated on buzzwords, overlooking driver-focused innovations? Will manual EVs attract a new wave of enthusiasts, transforming the market dynamics?

Closing Thoughts: Shifting Into the Future

Emphasizing that the future of EVs extends beyond batteries and charging times, the article concludes by highlighting the joy of the open road and the tactile connection between driver and machine. The mention of a “click-clack symphony” hints at the potential auditory allure of manual transmissions in the electric era.

Author’s Note: Armen Hareyan’s Perspective

The article closes with information about Armen Hareyan, the founder of Torque News, underlining his extensive experience in the automotive industry, particularly his interest in Tesla and electric vehicles. Readers are encouraged to connect with Hareyan on various social media platforms.


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