UBS to Bolster U.S. Presence, Aiming for $150B Annual Growth


Driving Growth in the U.S.:

UBS positions itself as the fourth-largest asset manager in the U.S., intending to capitalize on the American financial landscape. The expansion initiative aligns with the bank’s ambitious goal of achieving significant net new money, reflecting its commitment to robust growth.

Strategic Investment Focus:

Iqbal Kahn emphasizes the commitment to invest heavily in the U.S. market. The strategic approach focuses on a three-year timeframe, indicating a long-term commitment to capturing opportunities and expanding UBS’s footprint in the American financial sector.

Path to $150 Billion Inflow:

The expansion plan is intricately linked to UBS’s broader objective of attaining a substantial annual net inflow. As the bank strategically navigates the U.S. market landscape, the envisioned $150 billion target represents a significant milestone and underscores UBS’s confidence in its growth strategy.

Key Takeaways:

UBS’s move to expand in the U.S. underlines its proactive approach to tap into lucrative opportunities. With Iqbal Kahn at the helm of the asset management division, the bank aims to not only strengthen its foothold in the U.S. but also achieve substantial net new money, reinforcing its position as a major player in the global financial arena.


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