UK Urged to Introduce AI Law Soon or Risk Lagging Behind, Warns Committee

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The UK’s ambition to lead in AI regulation faces a time-sensitive challenge, as MPs emphasize the need for prompt action to introduce a new AI law. The Commons Technology Committee warns that unless the government acts swiftly, the EU could surpass the UK in AI safety efforts.

EU Competition Looms MPs on the committee point out that the UK’s plan to take the lead in AI regulation could be compromised if a new law isn’t introduced promptly. This could result in the EU taking the lead in ensuring AI safety, as the UK risks being left behind by the EU AI Act and similar legislation.

Importance of November Summit The UK government’s international AI summit, scheduled for November, plays a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. It is essential that the summit includes participation from a diverse range of countries, including major players like China.

Challenges in AI Safety The committee’s report highlights twelve critical challenges that the UK must tackle in AI regulation. These include addressing bias in AI tools, navigating privacy concerns, managing the impact of AI on employment, and addressing issues related to the use of copyrighted material to train AI systems.

Copyright and Imitation Concerns A notable challenge involves the use of copyrighted material to train AI models, particularly in generative AI. The report underscores the concerns raised by authors, artists, and musicians who argue against their works being used by AI without permission or compensation.

AI’s Influence on Misinformation and Fraud The committee points out the risks associated with AI’s ability to imitate individuals, potentially leading to the spread of misinformation, fraud, and even compromising voice-recognition security systems.

Complexity of AI Security The National Cyber Security Centre’s recent warning about vulnerabilities in large language models, which power chatbots, highlights the complexity of AI security. As of now, there are no foolproof measures to fully mitigate these risks.

Approach to AI Safety While the UK government’s approach of delegating oversight to existing regulators based on AI functions is generally supported, there is a cautious approach to creating comprehensive legislation that encompasses all aspects of AI.


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