Upcoming Apple HomePod to Feature LCD Screen


Apple’s Innovative HomePod Prototype

An upcoming iteration of Apple’s HomePod is generating buzz in the tech world as reports suggest it will sport a prominent LCD screen, potentially transforming the smart speaker into a more versatile device.

A Glimpse of the Prototype

A photo of this intriguing HomePod prototype recently surfaced, revealing the presence of a vibrant LCD screen. The leak comes from a known Apple prototype collector, Kosutami, who claims the device is at an advanced stage of development and bears the code name “B720.”

Running on homeOS

Interestingly, rumors suggest that the upcoming HomePod will operate on a specialized version of tvOS known as “homeOS.” This adaptation could empower the HomePod to run applications and services directly without requiring a traditional user interface.

Native Apps and Compatibility

The new HomePod is expected to come equipped with native apps like Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, reconfigured to seamlessly work with the innovative LCD display. This feature could significantly enhance the user experience.

Expanded Functionality

Apple seems keen on expanding the HomePod’s capabilities with the introduction of this LCD screen. Reports suggest it may enable features such as answering calls, displaying notifications, adapting display colors to match album art, and even responding to messages using preset texts and emojis.

Future Release Uncertain

While the prototype’s existence signals Apple’s commitment to reimagining the HomePod, no specific release date has been confirmed. It’s uncertain when or if Apple will introduce this improved HomePod to the market.

This development hints at Apple’s dedication to enhancing the functionality of its smart speaker, potentially ushering in a new era for the HomePod.


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