VinFast’s Strong U.S. Debut and Tesla’s Price Cuts Highlight This Week in EVs


VinFast’s Impressive Entry

Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer VinFast (NASDAQ: VFS) made a significant splash during its debut on the U.S. stock exchange this past week. The company experienced an astonishing 270% surge on its first trading day, reaching a peak of $37 before encountering a sharp decline.

Following its merger with special-purpose acquisition company Black Spade, VinFast’s stock began trading at $22 per share. This pushed the company’s valuation to approximately $50 billion, more than double the previously agreed value of $10 per share, or $23 billion, with Black Spade. The subsequent market action propelled VinFast’s market capitalization to over $85 billion, surpassing that of well-known giants like Volkswagen and Ford.

While the stock has since dropped around 45% from its peak, it’s noteworthy that VinFast now boasts the largest market capitalization among Vietnamese companies trading in the U.S. Despite facing some challenges in transitioning its popularity from Vietnam to the U.S., VinFast remains committed to capturing a strong position in the American EV market.

Tesla’s Ongoing Price Strategy

Electric vehicle leader Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) continued its ongoing price strategy by announcing lower prices for its Model Y long-range and performance models in China. The company also revealed plans to provide insurance subsidies to buyers of its entry-level, rear-wheel drive Model 3 in the country until the end of September.

Tesla’s sales in China experienced a 31% drop in July, marking the first decline since December. The company has been offering deeper discounts globally to maintain its position as a market leader. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk stated that the company would continue to lower prices, even at the cost of erasing profit margins, emphasizing the potential increased value of their vehicles with the progression of Full-Self Driving technology.

Mullen’s Delisting Concerns and Stock Buyback Program

Emerging electric vehicle manufacturer Mullen (NASDAQ: MULN) took steps to address potential delisting concerns by initiating a $25 million stock buyback program. The program aims to purchase 3.7 million shares of common stock throughout the remainder of the year.

Mullen’s move to implement this program aligns with Nasdaq trading rules, which require a company’s per-share price to meet or exceed $1 to avoid delisting. Mullen recently performed a 9:1 reverse stock split to raise its share price above the $1 threshold. However, maintaining this minimum price has proven challenging for the company.

CEO David Michery expressed confidence in the company’s value and potential, citing the initiation of Class 3 EV production and a strong balance sheet as factors contributing to Mullen’s overall strategy.

In Conclusion

This week in the electric vehicle market, VinFast’s entry onto the U.S. stock exchange made headlines with a remarkable surge, while Tesla’s pricing adjustments in China showcased the company’s ongoing efforts to remain competitive. Additionally, Mullen’s stock buyback program underscored the company’s determination to navigate Nasdaq trading rules and maintain its presence in the market.

As the electric vehicle industry continues to evolve, developments like these shape the landscape and offer insights into the strategies of key players. Stay informed with InvestingPro’s lightning-speed coverage of EV headlines to ensure you’re well-equipped for informed investment decisions.


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