Westdale Chooses REVS for Nationwide Deployment of EV Charging Stations


Westdale Strategic Move: Westdale Real Estate Investment & Management has strategically chosen Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions (REVS) as its preferred partner for the nationwide installation of EV charging stations. This move reflects Westdale’s dedication to sustainability and meeting residents’ evolving expectations regarding electric vehicle adoption.

Meeting Growing Demand: With the growing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, Westdale aims to stay at the forefront of innovation in real estate management. The collaboration with REVS underscores Westdale’s commitment to providing EV charging stations for residents who are embracing electric vehicles.

REVS as the Preferred Partner: REVS stands out as Westdale’s preferred partner due to its multifamily expertise, responsiveness, and a no-cost solution. Westdale, recognizing the importance of EV charging, emphasizes REVS’s excellent service and strategic alignment with the company’s goals.

REVS’s Turnkey Solutions: REVS offers turnkey solutions at no expense to property ownership. Their comprehensive services include the installation, management, and ownership of EV charging stations at individual multifamily properties and entire portfolios. The no-cost solution enhances the appeal of integrating EV charging infrastructure.

Strategic Integration with Business Objectives: Westdale, known for its expertise in strategic acquisition and property management of multifamily residential communities, aligns the deployment of EV charging stations with broader business objectives. The collaboration with REVS reflects a forward-thinking approach to cater to residents’ evolving needs.

REVS’s Mission and Expertise: REVS, as a partner for Westdale, expresses pride in guiding property owners and management teams through the multifaceted landscape of the EV charging business. Leveraging their extensive background in the multifamily industry, REVS emphasizes its mission to provide tailored EV charging solutions.

About REVS and Westdale:

REVS provides turnkey EV charging solutions tailored to multifamily properties nationwide, offering services from pre-development consulting to EV charging station installation and ownership solutions. Westdale Real Estate Investment & Management is a fully integrated multifamily real estate operating company with a focus on strategic acquisitions and proactive management of residential communities.


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