Zoom’s Q3 Success Boosted by High ‘Retention Rate’: CFO


Customer Retention and Q3 Success:

In surpassing Q3 expectations, Zoom credits its success to a robust customer retention rate. CFO Kelly Steckelberg particularly underscores the pivotal role played by supplementary services such as Zoom Scheduler, Contact Center, and Whiteboard. These offerings not only bolster consumer loyalty but also contribute significantly to the broadened utilization of Zoom’s tools.

Beyond Core Video:

Steckelberg notes that by diversifying beyond its core video services, Zoom has successfully cross-sold additional capabilities. This strategic move has positioned Zoom as more than just a video conferencing platform, contributing to broader productivity for users and, consequently, supporting margin expansion.

Customer-Centric Approach and AI Integration:

Zoom’s decisions are rooted in a customer-centric approach, ensuring the delivery of the best quality and service. Steckelberg addresses the company’s venture into AI, highlighting the recent introduction of the Zoom AI companion. Despite leadership challenges, Zoom has been testing technologies from various vendors, steering away from reliance on a single company like OpenAI.

The success of Zoom’s Q3 and its continuous efforts to enhance user experience through additional services and AI integration reflect the company’s commitment to meeting evolving customer needs.


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